Stepping Through the Door: Perfection or Adventure?

The Yellow Door

For me, making art is an ongoing and infinite experience.  It’s a dynamic activity which I undertake for the joy of it.  One of the things I love about abstract painting is the freedom from imposed judgements of “right” and “wrong,” and the more so for taking a non-academic approach.   Since I revel in the the “doing,” without the constraints called for by realism, I ask only that the process remain for me both dynamic and full of mystery and discovery.  I do not strive for perfection.  Even nature will not conform in patterns that manifest as perfect; nature is inherently messy.  If nature were not divergent, biodiversity would not exist. To me, “perfection” implies stasis or an “end point,” as in the idea of a fixed and specific goal. To me, art is neither.  As I’ve stated, making art is a dynamic and joyous experience, a process of discovery in which passion is balanced with restraint, to create something that didn’t exist before. Take the discovery out of it, and you might as well be folding laundry!

Every work of art, whether it’s painting, writing, or music, can be taken in a thousand directions. So nothing can really be called “finished,” let alone “perfect.” Living is not absolute; neither is making art.

Music is an abstract language, yet it conveys emotion beautifully.  A gourmet meal satisfies without our needing to itemize the mix of flavors that went into creating it.  Only the chef has to worry about that!  A magnificent day brings joy without our analyzing the elements of sky color, temperature, air quality, surrounding flora and fauna, that make it feel so wonderful.   So why is it that so many people have a difficult time letting go of the literal to enjoy a work of abstract art, just for the freshness and beauty of the visual experience?

How do you experience your own creativity? Do you measure it against someone else’s pinnacle of achievement or finite definition of perfection?  Or do you look forward to stepping through the door into an adventure, and welcome the tentativeness and uncertainty of artistic exploration?

If you would like to see more of my Italy shots, please visit my primary site at Image and text c Lynda Lehmann.

About Lynda Lehmann

I'm an abstract painter and photographer with a passion for color and the forms of nature. Even as a child, I felt awed by the wonders of nature. As an adult, I know that my love of beauty has inspired my life. My photography is realistic, but my paintings are abstract. In painting, I'm drawn to subjects of ambiguity and mystery, more than to recognizable scenes, and I love the freedom and musicality of abstract work. To me, it's more fun to see 'what isn't' than to see 'what is.' I have shown my art in numerous juried group and solo shows in the New York area. You can view my paintings, nature photography and digital art at my sites. Please visit my "Peripheral Vision" blog at to see a listing of my art sites and links to my articles and writing about creative process. I'm now selling my art on a wide of array of great Zazzle products, and you can find them at my five shops, with more to come!
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