Thistle Thicket

Even the spiny thistle has its own character and beauty, and Nature’s wise hand plays its magic on both the buds and blossoms of that we customarily think of as a weed.  Maybe our emphasis on labeling things is just a superficial convenience that really fragments our minds and closes off our perception.  We dismiss things too easily, because we have labeled them by our own accord, i.e. by our verbal traditions, either personal or acquired.  Whether we refer to something with a nickname we have coined or by the vernacular of our time and place, we may limit its impact on our lives by relegating it to a negative mindset and meaning.  What do you think?

Image and Text c Lynda Lehmann.

About Lynda Lehmann

I'm an abstract painter and photographer with a passion for color and the forms of nature. Even as a child, I felt awed by the wonders of nature. As an adult, I know that my love of beauty has inspired my life. My photography is realistic, but my paintings are abstract. In painting, I'm drawn to subjects of ambiguity and mystery, more than to recognizable scenes, and I love the freedom and musicality of abstract work. To me, it's more fun to see 'what isn't' than to see 'what is.' I have shown my art in numerous juried group and solo shows in the New York area. You can view my paintings, nature photography and digital art at my sites. Please visit my "Peripheral Vision" blog at to see a listing of my art sites and links to my articles and writing about creative process. I'm now selling my art on a wide of array of great Zazzle products, and you can find them at my five shops, with more to come!
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3 Responses to Thistle Thicket

  1. I totally agree with your take on this! And what a beautiful image you have captured here!

    The other day I was thinking how beautiful the dandelions were as I was walking along the sidewalk. They lined the border of the sidewalk and grass perfectly, in bright yellow rows, one after the other. I smiled as it brought me back to the time when I was a child and would pick these “flowers” because of their beauty. I smiled because I didn’t label them as “weeds” and it felt like I had re-discovered them all over again–just as I did as a child and as my children did when they were young, too.

    Thank you for the reminder of the labels we often place on things and people, which cloud our perceptions and inhibit our awakening to life’s beauty.

  2. journeytime says:

    the words that we use can either be the rocket fuel for expansion or the brakes to obliviousness.
    the image is great–delicate

  3. Tomas says:

    The Thistle Thicket pierced deeply into my heart. Your post focus on what’s deep in my heart and thus warms greatly … and challenges. I raised up the same question on my blog … so my response is my joy to add you to the blog list of “discovery of oneself in overview of my artworks”
    We both share the same outlook.

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