“Seashell Burst” and Other Archetypal Forms


I call this image “Shell Burst” because it reminds me of the proverbial “Sunburst.”  The sun has been a metaphor on numerous levels for the human species since the beginning of time, so it seems to follow that any image resembling a sunburst might conjure subconscious archetypes.  This closeup of a gorgeous fluted conch in relation to an adjacent shell makes a meditative still life that to me, is a tribute to nature’s gorgeous diversity.  

I am impressed by the delicate ridges of shell that encircle the center, and I’m reminded of the repeating, self-mirroring forms in nature that are expressed in the mathematical algorithms of fractals as well as in so many natural forms.  The self-replicating forms of ferns and other plants are perfect examples of the impressive genetic codes that determine each species of life on earth, and the same majestic display of order within diversity goes on at the highest heights of mountains as well as in the depths of the oceans that comprise our globe.  

What are some of your favorite examples of repeating forms?

About Lynda Lehmann

I'm an abstract painter and photographer with a passion for color and the forms of nature. Even as a child, I felt awed by the wonders of nature. As an adult, I know that my love of beauty has inspired my life. My photography is realistic, but my paintings are abstract. In painting, I'm drawn to subjects of ambiguity and mystery, more than to recognizable scenes, and I love the freedom and musicality of abstract work. To me, it's more fun to see 'what isn't' than to see 'what is.' I have shown my art in numerous juried group and solo shows in the New York area. You can view my paintings, nature photography and digital art at my sites. Please visit my "Peripheral Vision" blog at www.innersights.blogspot.com to see a listing of my art sites and links to my articles and writing about creative process. I'm now selling my art on a wide of array of great Zazzle products, and you can find them at my five shops, with more to come!
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