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“Seashell Burst” and Other Archetypal Forms

  I call this image “Shell Burst” because it reminds me of the proverbial “Sunburst.”  The sun has been a metaphor on numerous levels for the human species since the beginning of time, so it seems to follow that any image … Continue reading

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How Art Empowers Us

Like most people, I’m fascinated by questions about the nature of life and our place in the cosmos. As a human being, I feel all the ageless and timeless doubts of the human condition. But there’s one thing I know … Continue reading

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With every moment of quiet gaze, nature’s mystery deepens. Image and text c 2007 Lynda Lehmann. Please visit if you would like to see more of my art.

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Like Butterflies

I love the way the light in this shot brings out the dimensions of these tiny, delicate flowers and the way they float like a petal-constellation (or butterflies) in space.   Text and image c Lynda Lehmann. If you would like … Continue reading

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Fish Fiesta 2

This is the second version of a digital painting I did a few months back, but it works well, I think, in these colors–better than the first version. I did it in Painter, but have not even watched the tutorial … Continue reading

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This rose seems to glow as if it holds the sun within it.  Image c Lynda Lehmann.  You can purchase this print matted at or framed at  

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  I just wanted to share this beauty of a Maine sunset with you. The backlit clouds and their reflection on the lake surface were just glorious! I love being in a place where the fabric of the land is … Continue reading

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