What drives our students to serve…

Motivated #Students and Their #Teachers Who Teach the Value of Community and #Volunterism https://globaltolocal.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/what-drives-our-students-to-serve/ via @wordpressdotcom


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Superdog’s Leap of Faith!


Superdog’s Leap of Faith – Lynda Lehmann c 2016


It’s a bird…. It’s a plane…. NO, Wait!  It’s Superdog!

Perhaps this soulful Rhodesian Ridgeback will swoop in over Everycity to save the world!

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Today’s Thoughts on Art

I believe the “logic” of abstract art is purely an internal logic: a logic of the visual language. Some or many elements compete for various positions in the totality of the piece, and those elements can be compared to the elements of spoken language. Some areas are dominant, like the subject of a sentence. Some carry the “action,” as a verb does. Other areas of the composition are transitional and create linkage between one area and another, kind of like a preposition.

This is just my own perception. But in my thinking, I have run into this metaphor again and again. And I’m fascinated by the language comparison: in this case, with the analogous visual parts making up the analogous (visual) “whole.”

Lynda Lehmann c 2013

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Fish Fiesta – Image c Lynda Lehmann

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Essays on Creative Process

Electric Orbs 00

This dynamic digital fantasy is an optical cacophony of floating orbs with lots of movement and energy.  Keywords: orbs, circles, ellipses, geometric, fantasy, digital, modern contemporary, dynamic, motion, mathematical, movement, energy, energetic, fun, strong, geometry, multicolor, geometric background, abstract, geometric abstract, decorative, mesmerizing, optical, spatial, layered, strong background, modern art, abstract art, fun, artsy, funky, jazzy, rhythmic, texture, curves, arcs, musical

I have gone through many life changes since I last blogged here or at my Peripheral Vision Blog, which is more developed and which you can visit here:  www.innersights.blogspot.com.

You’ve likely gone through some life changes as well, and I hope that you are finding good outcomes.  I hope to post more frequently and to not have to drop the thread again.  I had met so many good and interesting people while blogging that I can earnestly say it was one of the most interesting and fulfilling endeavors of my life.  Mostly because of YOU!  Blogging would have meant nothing were it not for the persons behind the posts.  And that’s obvious.  Nonetheless, good feelings are always worth sharing.

So I will begin now by offering some of my words about art and creative process, and try to post much more often, both images, writing and whatever other forms of communication seem appropriate.

You can read my short #‎essays on #‎art, including ART AND POWER here: http://www.creativity-portal.com/articles/lynda-lehmann/ and share your thoughts with me!

My best to each of you.  Much time has passed, but our creative passions have a way of re-igniting themselves, post adversity.  Or perhaps they are a potent force that helps us prevail both during adversity and after!  What’s your feeling about that?  How has creativity, whatever form it takes in your life, worked for YOU?

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Image “Waiting” c Lynda Lehmann

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“Seashell Burst” and Other Archetypal Forms


I call this image “Shell Burst” because it reminds me of the proverbial “Sunburst.”  The sun has been a metaphor on numerous levels for the human species since the beginning of time, so it seems to follow that any image resembling a sunburst might conjure subconscious archetypes.  This closeup of a gorgeous fluted conch in relation to an adjacent shell makes a meditative still life that to me, is a tribute to nature’s gorgeous diversity.  

I am impressed by the delicate ridges of shell that encircle the center, and I’m reminded of the repeating, self-mirroring forms in nature that are expressed in the mathematical algorithms of fractals as well as in so many natural forms.  The self-replicating forms of ferns and other plants are perfect examples of the impressive genetic codes that determine each species of life on earth, and the same majestic display of order within diversity goes on at the highest heights of mountains as well as in the depths of the oceans that comprise our globe.  

What are some of your favorite examples of repeating forms?

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A Balanced Form of Self Love

The Eloquence of Dreaming - Mixed media, Image c Lynda Lehmann

                  The Eloquence of Dreaming – Mixed media, Image c Lynda Lehmann


Producing art gives us power. I see it as a power over ourselves, over our energy, perception, motivational systems. And perhaps most important, I view it as a supplanting of our need to achieve a social equilibrium (which in my mind is never really possible anyway), by a need to achieve harmony with ourselves in relation to the universe.

The truth wear six billion faces, and each has different life circumstances, a different life script, if you will, and a different mode of being. For me, doing art takes me to a place from which I can accept all scripts and embrace the subjective and relative nature of truth. Because my own script is to me so engaging, at times enthralling, and always varied and full of mystery, it teaches me both tolerance and hope. It gives me confidence in the infinite potential of the universe, for hope, harmony, and healing. In short, it gives me joy.

I’ve heard it said that artists, in doing art, are participating in a God-like Creation process, and indeed it is true. While we are by no means transmuted into gods by the creative process, we at least become His humble hand-maidens. We see glimpses of beauty and wonder in places where other people may fail to look, unearthing it at every turn. We see new relationships, both visual and metaphoric, sociological and scientific. And this is our reward for moving away from the more petty power struggles that so often escalate into real and dangerous conflicts around the globe.

I’ve heard it said, also, that we artists make art in order to find love and to be loved. I think the apex of this is that in the tender connections we make to the universe, we find some degree of self-love. I think this is a balanced form of self-love that perceives the relative and tenuous nature of things, including the subjective nature of our own lives. Therefore, in my opinion, it is a mature self-love, not to be confused with narcissism.

Note: You can click on each photo to see a larger version. All images and text on this blog are copyrighted material, and may be used only with written permission, except where syndication rights have been granted. All other rights reserved. Please visit my sites listed in my sidebar if you would like to see my paintings and more of my photography and digital art, or make a purchase.

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